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Church Council & Committees

A Council made up of Ministry staff and lay members manages our church. Trinity has many different committees to deal with the administration of church activities.

Our committees are as follows:
Christian Education, Finance/Property, Membership, Ministry & Personnel, Worship, Outreach & Social Action, with representatives from Trinity Trustees, Beaverdams Church Trustees, Presbytery, Cave Springs Camp and Trinity UCW.

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Church Council Members for 2011

Shelley Campbell, Lynn Bird, Ruth Stevens, Hennie Haines, Mary Ellen Martin, Debra Parks, Valerie Sherrett, Julien Gingras, Micheline Marsh, Peter Snowling,Jan & Bob Tanouye

Julien Gingras, Ruth Stevens, Hattie Swart, Rosemary Cheese, Rev. Edith Bell, Sharon Cooper, Norm & Michelle Hardie, Judy Thomas

Mary Yarnell, Connie Lavallee

Doreen Dundas, Lil Sypes, Diane Howe, Lois McInnis, Connie Lavallee

Hennie Haines, Ann Foreman, Norm Hardie, Kay Gingras, Pat Reid, Melva Snowling, Elaine Swart, Harris Cheese, Ron Theal, Lil Sypes, Jack Yarnell, Paul Martin, Keith Yarnell, Russell Manning, Dean Taylor, Kevin McNamara

Harris Cheese, Barbara Crowe, Orlen Swart, Robin Brock

Cheryl Smith & Donna Whiteman

Lynn Bird, Valerie Sherrett, Pat Reid, Carolyn Gear, Elaine Swart

Penny Branston

Mary Yarnell, Karen Smith, Cheryl Smith, Doug Yarnell, Sandy Leveille, Jim Bradley, Kevin McNamara, Norm & Michelle Hardie, Kay & Julien Gingras, Lil Sypes

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Oversees the work of the Sunday School.


The United Church of Canada supports mission and ministry across Canada and around the globe. The Mission and Service Fund makes it possible. M&S is who we are and what we do. It is a United Fund for a United vision. It is about our church commitment to respond to Jesus’ call to love God and serve others.

The Missions/Outreach committee is proud to report another successful year. Many thanks extended to all the dedicated volunteers and generous supporters that contributed to this success. We could not have done it without your continued faith and interest in our projects.

Our committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 pm. Each year a monetary goal is pledged and fund raising projects are planned accordingly. A large portion of the funds raised is sent to the United Church of Canada for their continued work with our global partners, and the remaining funds are used to benefit the local community and related charities. This year we sent $3600 to U.C.C. On the local front, an amount of $200 each was sent to RAFT, Start me up Niagara, Red Roof Retreat, Community Care, and the breakfast program at Prince of Wales Public School, Thorold.

Mission Sunday services are held twice a year. One of the highlights this year was our Mission Sunday service last February assisted by our Sunday school children who collected "magic pennies" for the Canada Food Grains project. A donation of $1168.75 was realized for Food Grains. It is always both a pleasure and a privilege to be able to involve our youth in mission work and the Sunday service whenever possible. They did a great job and we look forward to working with them again soon.

Our outreach suppers on the third Tuesday of the month continue to be well attended, both by the community and a small group of Trinity seniors and supporters. This February will mark the 2-year anniversary of this successful and worthwhile project. We are both proud and grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve our community in this tangible way. We look forward to another productive year of mission and outreach in the community and beyond.

Blessings to all,
Hennie Haines
Chair, Missions/Outreach

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The Worship Committee meets regularly to assist the minister pertaining to the worship of the congregation: communion, baptism, reception of new members and pulpit supply.

Wanda Turner is Secretary of Worship. Other committee members are Ruth Stevens, Rosemary Cheese, Hattie Swart, Rev. Edith Bell, Norm and Michelle Hardie.

Julien Gingras, Chairperson


Deals with staff, personnel, congregational relations and concerns.


The Finance/property committee is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and repairs to the church building and property. The committee puts in many hours of volunteer time with the result that our church is in excellent condition. Another very important part of the committee’s job is to handle the day-to-day finances of the church, as well as preparation of the yearly budget. Other responsibilities are managing hall rentals and leases of the many groups that use Trinity’s facilities.


All property, real and personal held in trust for the use of our church shall be held by the Trustees, appointed by and on behalf of the church acting in accordance with the Model Trust Deed. The Trustee Board also administers a number of Funds on behalf
of the congregation


Doreen Dundas, Lil Sypes, Diane Howe, Lois McInnis and Connie Lavallee visits those who are not able to attend church.


Penny Branston is the representative for Trinity United Church.

Cave Springs Camp near Beamsville is a United Church Summer Camp. There are day, residential and wilderness camps for children age 5 - 16 years. Last year Cave Springs had approximately 600 children and youth attend their camp programs. If you would like to help promote Cave Springs Camp and United Church Camping you could help sponsor a child, donate materials from the donation list (see below) or make a donation directly to the camp itself. For more information please see Penny Branston.

Craft Supplies (paper, paint, markers, boxes, containers, etc.)
Office Supplies (paper, pencils, pens, labels, stamps, envelopes etc.) Camping Gear (tents, tent pegs, pie irons, tarps, etc.)
Kitchen Supplies (tea towels, oven mitts, utensils)
Pool Supplies (toys, goggles, lifejackets, canoe paddles) Sports Equipment (balls, nets, games, etc.)
Dream Items (van, canoes, office chairs)

Cave Springs Camp LogoCave Springs Camp


The purpose of the committee is to raise monies for the operation of the church in general. The committee would be doing most of the fundraising themselves and they also will assist other groups in the church,such as the UCW to raise funds.


The Membership committe keeps the records of all members and friends of the church.