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We are pleased that you have chosen Trinity United Church for your wedding. We assure you that every effort will be made to make your Wedding Day an occasion that will long be remembered.

Church Office
The Church Office is open from 9 a.m. until 12 noon, Tuesday through Friday. The telephone number is 905-227- 4644. During July and August please leave a message on the answering machine.

Marriage LicenceIt is required by the Province of Ontario to secure a "License to Marry". This is available at the City Hall. If possible it is advisable for both parties to make the application. If this is not possible then the applicant should have available the Birth Certificate of the other party. The license must be given to the Minister as soon as it is obtained.

The solemnization of marriage is a civil contract. The minister has the authority of the civil law to perform marriages and he is responsible for seeing that the requirements of the Province are fulfilled.

For Christian people, marriage is also a religious rite and the Minister has the responsibility for seeing that the Wedding Service reflects the faith of the Church and fulfills the deep sense of commitment which
the bride and groom feel as they take their marriage vows before God and the people.

We offer the use of the Church Sanctuary for your wedding. The organ is situated in the Chancel of the Sanctuary and is used for processional, recessional and incidental music for the ceremony.
Consultation with the Organist is required to arrange the music for the Wedding Service. The principles governing the choice of music are those governing the choice for any service of Worship - it should be an offering of love for one another, and of praise to God.
It is our wish that every wedding proceed with beauty and dignity. We, therefore, suggest that a rehearsal be held the evening prior to the wedding.
Have your florist deliver the flowers to the Church as early in the day as possible. You are free to remove the flowers for your Reception, or, if you wish, to leave them for use in the Church on the following Sunday.
Only the designated official photographer is allowed to take pictures during the ceremony. We ask that he/she be VERY DISCREET about it. If a couple wishes to VIDEOTAPE the ceremony, they must discuss this with the minister. You are also welcome to use the front lawn both before and after the ceremony for picture taking.
The Official Board has set the amount of $650.00 as a fee for your Wedding. Please make your cheque payable to "Trinity United Church". IT IS REQUESTED THAT THE HONORARIA be placed in an envelope marked "Trinity United Church" , and MUST BE GIVEN TO THE CHURCH SECRETARY, PRIOR TO YOUR REHEARSAL. Please note that the above honoraria MUST BE RECEIVED by the church before your wedding can proceed. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the wedding.
The ushers should be at the Church 45 minutes prior to the service.
The Groom and Best Man ought to arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to the service. Of course no wedding party is complete without the bride and her attendants. It is expected that they would arrive as close to the appointed hour as possible. Please ask your friends NOT to throw confetti in the Church as it is difficult to clean up.
We are pleased that our church has a fairly large parking lot. Please advise your friends and relatives that while the bridal party is the last to arrive, they still require parking space.
We trust you will find these arrangements satisfactory. Do not hesitate to telephone or drop in if there are any questions or problems you would like to discuss.
There is no such thing at Trinity as another wedding - only your wedding.

A $100.00 DEPOSIT which is non-refundable is required and is to be paid at the time of booking your Wedding.

The Balance of $550.00 must be paid prior to your rehearsal. It is requested that the Balance of the Honoraria be paid at the Church office.